Crushing 1

What can I say about Chantelle? That she can’t hold her fucking enema water to save her life? That she loves bondage? That she likes to whine to try and get her way? That verbal humiliation makes her almost as wet as a serious beating? Or, that she’s the original vegan hipster cunt? I’d say “don’t judge her”, but then you’d be missing a trick as judgement, combined with paninful predicament bondage make her pussy ooze.

I was going to hang her from the balcony outside and scrub her stupid ass down with a hose-brush I use to keep the pigs clean. It was a lovely December day in London and I like my girls clean on the outside as well. Circumstances conspired, so I tied her to the workbench in the studio, put the old 50-litre girl-mess capture bucket on her back, and ran the hose into it. Once it had a bit of cold outside water in it, I started to suck that up with the syringe and use it to fill her asshole full.